Executive Board Minutes



  1. Meeting Opened: 7:00 pm


  1. Officers Present: Craig Batty, Kris Croteau, Geoff Denstedt, Kevin Forbes, Jason MacDonald, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb, Pete Baird.


Regrets: Tom MacLean


  1. Values & Beliefs/Health, Safety & Wellness Moment: Save the Date – Saturday April 10 for the 2021 Annual “Virtual” Health, Safety & Wellness Conference. 


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: consensus


  1. Conflict of Interest: none

New Business:


  1. Trustee Appointment


  • Motion: to appoint Jason Baptista to the Power Sector Benefit Trust. M/S Kris Croteau, Geoff Denstedt consensus.


  1. Human Rights Policy and Unit Committees


  • Action: the board recognizes that each Unit will establish a Human Rights and equity Committee made up of Unit Members.


  1. Investment Funds


  • Action: discuss next meeting.


  1. Workplace Capacity Building Plan Steering Committee


  • The steering committee has held their first meeting and established a schedule.



Next Meeting: Friday March 5, 2021 at 8:00 am


Motion to Adjourn: 7:35 pm M/S Kris Croteau, Geoff Denstedt consensus




  1. Meeting Opened: March 5, 2021 8:00 am


Officers Present: Pete Baird, Craig Batty, Geoff Denstedt, Jason MacDonald, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb. Kris Croteau, Kevin Forbes.




  1. Values & Beliefs Moment/Health & Safety Moment:
    • Safety moment provided by Tom MacLean. The weather has been up and down lately, with snow, high winds, melting and refreezing, causing black ice. Hwy 21 has been closed the past week with many vehicles in the ditch, and cars sliding thru stop signs. Please be careful and take the necessary time. 
    • Values and Beliefs moment from the Equality Policy and Procedures on Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Harassment on page 80 was reviewed.


  1. Previous Minutes: Motion to Approve February 5, 2021 minutes. M/S Joe Mulhall and Craig Batty consensus.


  1. Conference Call/Email: Motion to Approve February 15, February 22, and March 1, 2021 minutes M/S Kevin Forbes and Craig Batty consensus.


  1. Business arising from the Minutes: added to agenda.


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: Motion to Approve. M/S Geoff Denstedt, Kevin Forbes consensus


  1. Unit Business:

a.     Alberta Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

b.     Atlantic Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

c.     Bruce Unit: Unit update provided by Don Mayer.

  • Women in Nuclear Conference. Membership would like to know how to attend.
  • Unit budget is being prepared.
  • The Unit Training Committee is investigating welding training.
  • The Unit Members continue to support local charities.

d.     Central Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

e.     Greater Durham Region Unit: Unit update provided by Janet Crowther. 

  • Unit has questioned who is delivering the We Love Learning emails. The Values and Beliefs committee will reach out to provide explanation about the emails.
  • Executive Committee meeting this month didn’t have quorum. Short discussion was held with the few members that did attend.
  • This month’s general meeting only had 3 members join. Human rights topics where discussed. A Discount code was provided to members that attended the meeting for the Swag Store.
  • Swag Store Feed the Need Fund Raiser. Available in the Swag store are 4 different T-shirts. If you purchase one 5 dollars from the purchase is given to Feed the Need. 
  • A letter from the Toronto Zoo was received as a thank you to the membership for a donation. 

f.      Greater Vancouver Area Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean. 

  • Donations were made to food banks in Vancouver and Victoria.
  • Values and Beliefs training is available. Action: Craig Batty to reach out to the Unit Executive to provide info on training. 

g.     Kingston-Ottawa Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

h.     Niagara Falls-Hamilton Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

i.      Northwestern Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

j.      Northeastern Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

  1. Sask Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

l.      South Western Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.



  1. National Committee Business:


a.      Apprenticeship Committee: Committee update provided by Geoff Denstedt. 

  • First meeting has been held. Future meetings to be held every two weeks.
  • March 17 to review training trust recommendations.
  • At the April 9, 2021 meeting the committee will make a NEB report.

b.      Audit Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty.

·        Accountant recommendations to be implemented.

c.       Communications Committee: Committee update provided by Kevin Forbes.

  • Action Kevin Forbes to connect with Janet Crowther, Pauline Cranston, and Mark Keyes for inaugural meeting and to form a budget.

d.      Constitution Committee: Committee update provided by Tom McLean, Geoff Denstedt, and Jason MacDonald.

  • Past month meeting cancelled and rescheduled for March 9, 2021.
  1. Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Committee update was provided by Joe Mulhall.
  • Virtual Health Safety and Wellness Conference is April 10, 2021.
  • Members are looking after getting guest speakers and making conference a meeting that will have lots of virtual engagement. 
  • Registration to be opened by Member wide communication in the form of an E blast. 
  • Promote the conference request has been asked for each Unit and Committee.

f.        Growth and Opportunity Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald, and Tom MacLean

g.      Member and Family Support Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

h.      Membership Committee: Committee update provided by Matt Hurley.

  • No meeting held last month as all units are under heavy workloads. 
  • Meeting setup for March and a report to be provided in next April’s board meeting. 

i.        Negotiating Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

  • An E blast has been sent out to look for interested members for training and is scheduled and moving ahead. 
  • 170 members have completed the negotiation online prerequisite program.  These members will receive an individual invitation.

j.        Political Action Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald.

  • Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton announcement this morning. 4000 dollars per apprentice during their apprenticeship as they complete different levels of trade school/terms. 
  • All employers that have participated in the apprenticeship program will individually be contacted via email to be informed of the recent changes. 
  • We should setup follow up with partner employers to see if they received the emails pertaining to the recent changes. 

k.       Retiree’s Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

  • Still working on list of retired members. 
  • Retiree committee is getting additional jackets and pins made up.

l.        Social Committee: Committee update provided by Linda Stella

  • Meeting to be held on March 5, 2021.
  • There are now almost 500 members on Facebook page, an Instagram page might also be started.
  • A Valentine’s day contest was held for all members on the Facebook page.
  • A St Patrick’s Day contest, and Easter colouring contest are also now being planned.
  • Future online Trivia games for members are also being planned.
  • Wonderland day is scheduled for July.
  • Fishing Tournament is also scheduled. 

m.     Technology Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

n.      Training & Education Committee: Committee reviewed from portal.

o.      Values and Beliefs Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty. 

  • Meeting regularly occurring.
  • Human Rights and Respectful Workplace training is now available and looking for participants.
  • The Committee is now Working with Linda Stella and Facebook, and Instragram page to be launched



  1. Correspondence: see attached.




  1. Expenses:



Housser, Rob

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 14 January 2021



Carolyn Hart

Inv. No.:1365 re Monthly Retainer - February 2021



Doyle, Jason John

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 03 Feb.'21



Degane, Nathan

Labour Board Hearing re CUSW v. Nuvia - 27 Jan.'21



Nahorney, Christopher

Ratification Vote re 2021 OPGI/CUSW Collective Agreement



Nahorney, Christopher

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 February 2021



McParland, David

Mediation re Bridgman T.S. - 08 Feb.'2021



Mulgrew, Mark

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: January 2021



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 07 February 2021



Guindon, Chad .

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 13 Oct. to 13 Jan / Office Supplies



Guindon, Chad .

Mediation re Bridgman T.S. - 08 February 2021



Dance, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 Jan.'21



McParland, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 11 Feb.'21 (10GB Speedpass)



Travis Eckenswiller

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 09 Feb.'21



Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Feb.'21



Stajkowski, Marissa

Labour Board Case w. Hydro One - 09 Feb.'21



Stajkowski, Marissa

Monthly Expenses Staples Supplies Canada Post/Cellular Bill



Denstedt, Geoff

NEB Meeting - 15 February 2021



Myers, Mitchell Yves

Reimbursement re HP Elite Refurbished Laptop - 08 February



Bourne, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 Oct. to 10 December 2020



Dance, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 Feb.'21



Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Jan.'21



Crowther, Janet L.

CAF Virtual Conference - 22 & 23 February 2021



Baird, Peter B.

Monthly Expenses & Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 24 Feb 2021



Housser, Rob

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 14 Feb.'21



Housser, Rob

CAF Virtual Conference - 22 to 23 February 2021



Carolyn Hart

Inv. No.:1371 re Monthly Retainer - March 2021




Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 24 Jan. & 24 Feb.'21



Davidson, Norda

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 03 Feb.'21





Cheques for Approval: Motion to Approve M/S Craig Batty, Kris Croteau, NEB consensus.


  1. Reports:


  1. Membership Reports:


In Memory of: A minute silence was recognized Hugh McLean and Alfred Balcombe.

Members off Work: William Cooke, Jason McIntosh, Dan Plexman, Peter Rickards, Kara Pearson, Spencer White, Justin Clarke, Darren Christie, Jeffrey R Andrew, Jonathan Babcock, Michel Boucher, Timothy Carroll, Isaac Dautey, Megan Elarte, Eric Elliott, Gord Jennings, Rick Kluke, Steven Krysko, Roch Labelle, Ryan Law, Donald McCormick, Bruce Merlin, Donald Nugent, Douglas Vigus, Cory Zufelt.

We welcome the following Members: Kieran Alexander, Patrick Lee Anderson, Verne Anderson, Dylan Barr, Thomas Ernest Barrow, Ashley Belluz, Brandon Michael Biedrzycki, Levi K Bobrowich, Paul Brake, David A. Breadner, Andreas Breder, Robert Richard Josep Bremault, Chris Robert Bryant, Tood Childs, Lance Christopher Clemmer, Royce Hubert Constant, Riley Daniel Coulombe, Scott Counsell, Perry Alexander Desjarlais, Derek Edward Deslauriers, Allan Dennis Diggle, Jacob Dionne-Lemay, Cameron Downs, Stephen Dale Doyle, Thomas W Dunphy, Ryan Easthom, Ryan Falk, Dawson Feenstra, Marc Rene Fleury, Marcus Fox, Justice David Allan Garrick, Brian Joseph Gaulton, Weston Goulais, Steven Gould, Marshall Howard Guiboche, Jordan Robert Lewis Hare, Taylor A. Hay, Noel Abraham Houle, Charlie Hurst, Darrin Gordon Husak, Harun Ilyas, Robin J Irwin, Cody Chad Jewell, Thomas Edwin Lawrenc Johnson, Tulsa Jones, Jason Philip Joy, John Cameron Keesic, Kirk Randolph Keesic-Bearman, Bryon Kilner, Brooke D Kinch, Edward J Ladd, Travis S.W Lambert, Lloyd Laroque, Jason Larson, Melvin Jonathan Lathlin, Ryan Laukka, Lyle Scott Letandre, Roland Linklater, Richard Ian James Linster, Sheldon Davidson Littledeer, Frederick Scott Lunnen, Rachel Macneill, Asher Avaline Cia Madame, Robert (Bob) James Marshall, Adjeye Masakeyash, Maximus Maud, David Anthony Mcgill, Jaime E.A Mclean, Michael Mcleod, Shawn O. Melanson, Trent Michie, Kevin Ronald Miller, Ricky Floyd Monkman, Andrew Monroe, Amanda Morris, Bryan Neil, Christian Ouellet, Thomas Peters, Grace Pierrot, Josh Czeslaw Vernon Piotrowski, Ryan Proud, Bradley Scott Richards, Zachary Roote, Kristopher Rowe, Mitchell Anderson Rumbolt, Gabriel Dw. Snooks, John Southwind, Shania Squires, Rebekah Stuckless, Xuong Minh Sy, Zachery Tkachyk, Paul C. Van Wyck, Kurtis Verch, Michael Viola, Darryl James Volk, Jacob Daniel Watson, Timothy Joshua Wesley, Tonny Whiskeyjack, Joshua White, Reginald Jay (Rj) Williamson, Timothy David Bruce Wilson, Edward Dennis Woodhouse, Chan T Yong, Preston Owen Samson Young, Yong Zhang, Dali Zhang, Yong Zhang, Robert Shawn Zubrod.

  1. Financial Report: Report provide by Craig Batty, and reviewed by NEB. Action Craig Batty to re-organize some areas that have become blended. 


  1. Recruitment & Referral: Update provided by Matt Hurley.
  2. Dispatch report reviewed.
    • All units have been involved in the latest meeting. Lots of participation 
    • Membership duties remain busy, but seem to be functioning well. Matt to let NEB know if they become overwhelmed. NEB can provide additional supports when required. 
    • Interviewing process is doing well with increasing participation.


  1. Hiring Hall Dispatch Report: report attached.


  1. Officer Reports:


  • President: Report provided by John Wabb.


  • First Vice President: Report provided by Tom MacLean.


  • Workplace Development Representative: Report provided by Pete Baird.
    • Georgian College program to start April 6, 2021, 18 people are now enrolled.
    • Georgian College letter of support still waiting government’s confirmation. 
    • On boarding with new Workplace representatives that have recently started in their roles. 
    • Build a dream is still underway.


  1. SNA Report: report provided by Joe Mulhall. 
  2. Energy evolution, working the Eastern Ontario. 


  1. SNDI Report: report provided by Craig Batty and Kevin Forbes. 


  1. CCU Report: report provided by Jason MacDonald. 
  2. Political accountability committee meeting to be held next week.
  3. Tom MacLean looking to engage CCU to talk about different models of unions. This would be good to share with our members, to further educate about social unions.


  1. CUSW-BC Report: report provided by Tom MacLean. 
    • Website to be up to dated. Chair to work with Joe Cook.


  1. ASWA Report: report provided by Tom MacLean.
    • Roots to Roofs presentation was provided by Kris Stevens.
    • Roots to Roofs document is in final stages for being submitted.
    • Some environmental initiatives are also being worked on. 
    • ASWA meeting has been postponed until March 9, 2021. 


  1. Business Arising:
    1. Convention Update: No new information this month.
  • Participation Roundtable Update: report provided by Joe Mulhall.
  • Meeting has been held with Kris Stevens. 
  1. IT System project and IT Infrastructure project Update: Update provided by Craig Batty.
    • Make, Model, Ram and Operating system needs to be known by all who use the admin system, by Wednesday March 10, 2021. Information to be provided to Joe Cook. 
    • Going forward major spend milestones to be tracked and shared. Action: Craig Batty.
  2. Canadian Immigration Project Update: Report provided by Jason MacDonald
    • Struggles are being had trying to meet; only emails are occurring right now due to Covid.
    • Skilled trades aren’t currently being recognized, the majority of this project being aimed at the IT industry. This program is also broken down province by province. 
  3. ETTF Recommendation:
    • Apprenticeship Committee reviewing recommendations.
  4. MOLTSD Modernizing the Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Act Engagement:
    • Update provided by Tom MacLean.
  5. MOLTSD Skills Development Fund Application:
    • Update provided by Tom MacLean
  6. Workplace Capacity Building Plan – Steering Committee Update:
    • Steering Committee is meeting regularly.
  7. Mid-Year Review of Strategic Initiatives – March 25, 26 & 27:
    • Governance topic for discussion. Which model should we utilize? 
    • Populism, what are the issues? 
    • Investment Strategy
    • Building capacity



  1. New Business:


  1. Convention Speaker:
  2. The recent CCU Labour School speaker was Dr. Stephanie Ross - School of Labour Studies, McMaster University and her presentation was on social unionism in the Canadian Labour movement.
  3. Action: Tom MacLean to engage Dr. Stephanie Ross about speaking at our next convention and possibly providing input in our convention whitepaper. 


  1. Member and Family Support:
  2. Discussion concerning Injured Worker who is off work.
  3. Action: Joe Mulhall to look further into this case. 
  4. Action: Craig Batty to reach out to the Member and Family Support Committee. NEB recommendation is to provide Member with benefits for an additional 3 months. This is supported by the National Executive Board. 


  1. Investment Funds: Information shared by John Wabb.
  2. Jason MacDonald will attend future meetings with investment advisors.
  3. Future investment decisions to be shared with the board as required.
  4. Motion: to increased investments by an additional $250,000.00 M/S Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt consensus. 
  5. Action: John Wabb Action to circulate BMO March 11, 2021 Bluebook invitation.


  1. OEN Pandemic Learning’s Virtual Luncheon:
  2. Motion: to approve OEN luncheon with Presentation benefitting CAMH and Donate $1000 on April 1, 2021 at 12:30pm M/S Geoff Denstedt, Tom MacLean consensus


  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington Golf Tournament:
  2. Wednesday June 23, 2021 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington Annual Darlington Refurbishment Golf Tournament hosted at the Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility Golf and Banquet Facility in Ajax on Wednesday, June 23 Sponsorship and registration package in correspondence folder.
  3. Motion: to approve the sponsor of a foursome $900 and a $500 dollar hole sponsorship. Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt consensus. 


  1. 2021 Rogers Conn Smythe Sports Celebrities Dinner & Auction – Thursday May 6, 2021
  2. Motion to sponsor $7500 to the 2021 Rogers Conn Smythe Sports Celebrities Dinner & Auction – Thursday May 6, 2021 M/S Tom MacLean, Kevin Forbes consensus.


  1. EHRC Member Roundtable 
  2. Action Geoff Denstedt and John Wabb to attend EHRC Member Roundtable – Thursday April 8, 2021 


  1. Budgets for Approval:
  2. Motion: to approve $3500 Values and Beliefs budget. M/S Kevin Forbes, Tom MacLean consensus.
  3. Action: John Wabb to reach out to the unit and committee. North West and East West Tie Social committee to budget together. 
  4. Motion: to approve $19,300.00 North West unit Budget for M/S Geoff Denstedt, Joe Mulhall consensus.
  5. Action: John Wabb to reach out to Allen Wing about bank account. 


  1. Conflict of Interest:
  2. It is the responsibility of any member of the board to recognize any conversation that is conceived to be a conflict of interest and remove them self from that portion of the meeting. 


  1. TradesWomen Committee Proposal
  2. Provided by Michelle Holmes, Janet Crowther, Chris Cover.
  3. NEB is in full support and recommends a budget and terms of reference to be prepared and brought forward. 


  1. Roots to Roofs Community Development Society and Home Opportunities Corporation:
  2. Kris Stevens provided an update.
  3. Roots to Roofs Community development society presentation shared with NEB.
  4. Roots to Roofs provides wall to wall expertise, training, and mentoring, with co developers and builders. 
  5. We are moving together at the speed of trust.


  • Extended Member Support for Remote Projects:
    • Action: Craig Batty to have conversation with OSLP and Valard. 


  1. Good of the Union:
  2. Bill Gilroy Recognition Update: provided by Joe Mulhall and Tom MacLean.
  1. International Women’s Day: March 8, 2021 is International Women’s Day.


  1. Motion to Adjourn3:40 pm M/S Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall consensus
  2. Next Meeting:
    • Friday April 9, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00
    • Friday May 7, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00
  • Friday June 4, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00