Executive Board Minutes



  1. Meeting Opened:  January 8, 2021 8:00 am


Officers Present: Pete Baird, Craig Batty, Kris Croteau, Geoff Denstedt, Kevin Forbes, Jason MacDonald, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb.


Regrets: none


  1. Values& Beliefs Moment: Moment to reflect on Health and Safety, COVID-19 and the Pandemic. We are experiencing an increase in the number of Members contracting the virus and some of our workplaces are experiencing workplace spread. We are all encouraged to promote strict adherence to prevention protocols provided by public health agencies and our partner employers.


  1. Previous Minutes: Motion to Approve December 4, 2020 M/S Joe Mulhall, Tom MacLean consensus


  1. Conference Call/Email: none.


  1. Business arising from the Minutes: added to agenda.


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: Motion to Approve. M/S Kevin Forbes, Craig Batty consensus


  1. Unit Business:

a.     Alberta Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

b.     Atlantic Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

c.     Bruce Unit: Unit update provided by Don Mayer.

  • Unit Committees are now formed and inaugural meetings to be held shortly. 

d.     Central Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

e.     Greater Durham Region Unit: Unit update provided by Janet Crowther. 

  • Virtual get together December 17, 2020, which included virtual games and festive drinks. 
  • Virtual store has just received all samples. Link to come shortly for store to go live.
  • Build a Dream event in the Bruce area will be next held Tuesday January 12th, 2021, and CUSW will be represented by Janet Crowther. 
  • Women in Trades group for the GDR to come in 2021. 

f.      Greater Vancouver Area Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean.

g.     Kingston-Ottawa Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal. 

h.     Niagara Falls-Hamilton Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

i.      Northwestern Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

j.      Northeastern Unit: Unit update provided by Pauline Cranston.

  • December 2, 2020 was the first official meeting of Northeastern Unit. Fifty members attended the virtual meeting.
  • Vice Chair and an Executive Member position are still vacant on Executive.
  • Membership is looking to arrange some social events when we can.
  • Jan 20, 2021 is the next meeting.
  • Future meetings to be held on 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 7pm. 
  • Monthly newsletter has been started by Pauline Cranston.
  • Membership has lots of questions on how to get involved and are interested in what other units are doing. 
  • Unit is looking for swag, GDR store link to be provided in the days to come. 
  • Action: Craig Batty to confirm the Unit budget has been received. 
  1. Sask Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

l.      South Western Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

·      Action: NEB to reach out to Unit to see if support is required. 



  1. National Committee Business

a.      Apprenticeship Committee: Committee update provided by Geoff Denstedt. 

  • A few apprentices are considering stepping forward.
  • Janet Crowther would like a list of new Journeypersons to recognize in future newsletter. 

b.      Audit Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

c.       Communications Committee: Committee update provided by Kevin Forbes.

  • Action: Kevin Forbes to reach out to Mark Keyes, both GDR Unit and Northeastern Unit have newsletters, they would like to combine them on a national level. 
  • A call for participation is required to help Mark. Mark and Kevin to canvas for names.

d.      Constitution Committee: Committee update provided by Geoff Denstedt and Tom McLean. 

  • Meeting to be setup to compare past constitutions and identify changes. 
  • History of changes to be shared with committee. 


  1. Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Committee update was provided by Joe Mulhall.
  • Adam Bingley has had to withdraw from the committee. Committee is regrouping.

f.        Negotiating Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

  • Meetings are held every two weeks.
  • Budget has been approved. 
  • New software for tracking end dates of collective agreements looks promising. 
  • Amy Tam to share spread sheet of collective agreements with Brent Macdonald and committee.
  • Pete Baird to contact committee to help develop bargaining team for agreements that need to be renewed in the near future. 
  • Workplace development to be tied to committee. Action: Kevin and Joe.  

g.      Growth and Opportunity Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald.

  • Additional Members are invited to join the committee.

h.      Political Action Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald.

  • Efforts continue in working on Minister of Labour’s last communication. 

i.        Retiree’s Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

  • Planning for social events is underway, dates to be selected for 2021 calendar year.
  • Amy Tam has helped group update and identify new retirees with the committee.

j.        Member and Family Support Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty.

  • Additional Members are invited to join the committee, Dave Armstrong will be retiring from the committee. 
  • The Aston Tuck Memorial Fund Committee is in operation.

k.      Social Committee: Committee update provided by Linda Stella.

  • Budget has been submitted for review.
  • A meeting is scheduled for either January 19 or 20, 2021 depending on group availability. 
  • Working with Bruce Unit on their 2021 events.
  • Wonderland and Family Fishing events are being planned.
  • Virtual events continue to be planned. And communicate through Facebook. 

l.        Technology Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

  • Additional Members are invited to join the committee.

m.     Training & Education Committee: Committee update provided by John Wabb.

  • Additional Members are invited to join the committee.

n.      Values and Beliefs Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty. 

  • Jesse Smith-Thurston would like to join the committee. 

o.      Membership Committee: Committee update provided by Matt Hurley.

  • Meetings to be held biweekly this year. Last meeting was held in December 2020. 
  • The response to the committee recommendation to add the Financial Hardship Exception to be shared with the committee.
  • Linda Stella would like to join the committee. 


  1. Correspondence: see attached.


  1. Expenses: Reviewed:






Bissonnette, Bobby M.

Replacement Cheque re Cellular Bill Date: 14 Oct.'20



Batty, Craig E.

NEB Meeting - 04 Dec.'20



Stajkowski, Marissa

Weekly Expenses & Cellular Charges Date: 10 Nov.'20



Denstedt, Geoff

Constitution Committee Meeting - 27 Nov.'20



Denstedt, Geoff

NEB Meeting - 04 Dec.'20



Denstedt, Geoff

Mileage re E-Board Strategy Meeting - 09 & 10 Sept 2020



MacDonald, Brent

Bruce Power Negotiations - 19-20, & 26-27 Nov 2020



MacLean, Thomas R

Weekly Expenses re 07 to 11 Dec 2020



Nahorney, Christopher

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Dec 2020



Rogers Wireless Inc

Cellular Bill Date: 18 Nov.'20 - MacLean, Tom



Gowland, Daniel

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 01 Apr. to 01 June 2020



Gowland, Daniel

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 01 Jul. to 01 Dec.'20



Brough, Kiefer

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 Sept. to 10 Nov.'20



Brosseau, Daniel

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 November 2020



Brosseau, Daniel

Satellite Phone Charges re Bill Date: 08 Nov.'20



Hymers, Darren

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Dec.2020



Denison, Luke

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 Jul. to 10 Sept.'20



Travis Eckenswiller

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 09 December 2020



McParland, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 11 Dec.'20



Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Dec.'20



Forbes, Kevin

NEB Strategy Meeting - 09/10 Sept.'20 (20 hours)



Uteck, Emily-Cain

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 Dec.'20



Mulgrew, Mark

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 30 December 2020



Kushnir, Ashley

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 23 Sept. to 23 Nov 2020



Dance, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 December 2020



Bissonnette, Bobby M.

Cellular & iPad Charges re Bill Date: 14 Dec 2020



Guest, Wayne

Meeting w. 40 members - 12 Oct.'20



Hickey, Keith

Meeting - 20 March 2020



Calderaro, Paul.

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 11 Sept. to 11 Dec.'20



MacLean, Thomas R

Weekly Expenses from 14 to 18 December 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 16 December 2020



Tanner Cardiff

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 21 Aug. to 21 Dec.'20



Myers, Mitchell Yves

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 16 Sept. to 16 Dec 2020



Doyle, Jason John

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 03 Nov. & 03 Dec.20



Travis Eckenswiller

Cellular Charges re (REPLACEMENT CHEQUE)



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - Rep Contracts - 23 Dec.'20



Baird, Peter B.

Weekly Expenses re Cellular Charges Date: 24 Dec.'20





Cheques for Approval: Motion to Approve M/S Joe Mulhall, Geoff Denstedt consensus.


Action: Conversation around union provided electronic communication equipment and subscriptions for computer programs to be had; it seems we might have some redundant subscriptions we could share. Need to review our policy.


  1. Reports:


  1. Membership Reports:


Members off Work: William Cooke, Jason McIntosh, Dan Plexman, Peter Rickards.

Members Receiving LTD: Jeffrey R Andrew, Jonathan Babcock, Timothy Carroll, Isaac Dautey, David A. Edgcumbe, Megan Elarte, Eric Elliott , David Harrigan, Gord Jennings, Scott Kinkead, Rick Kluke, Steven Krysko, Roch Labelle, Donald Mccormick, Bruce Merlin, Donald Nugent, Douglas Vigus.

We Welcome the following Members: Orrie Darren Alexander, Ryan James Arnott Armstrong, Dennis Roberto Artuso, Emilia Anna Louise Axner, Joshua Baldwin, Warren Barnett, Darrell Eugene Virgi Beardy, Darren R Beaudin, David Beddow, Rosaire Belisle, Brayden Benedict, Bradley Terrance Binkle, Dyllon Bishop, Denzil Marcus Bouchard, Ethan William Bourne, Andre Braden, Tyler Brushett, Darryl J Bruyere, Cyric Burt, Tanya Burt, Jonathan Calvert, Dean Cammidge, Brayan Anthony Carrillo Flores, John Carroll, Curtis Coaster, Patrick Peter Conlon, Gilles Cormier, Scott Cougnon, Devin Courcelles, Brigitte Cudmore, Connor De Roos, Neil Dean, Luke Joseph Willam Dentinger, Bradley B. G. Dietz, Nicholas D'orazio, Michel Doucette, Sky-Ann Duquette, Mason Durant, Jonathan Michael Eby, Graham Paul Edison, Tom (Thomas) Elliott, Cody Finlay, Trevor Joseph Finlayson, Lloyd Francis Fizzard, Jonah William Fletcher, Timothy (Tim) Forbes, Sterling Reid Furlong, Cole Gavin, James Goetz, James Robert Goodfellow, Dakota Goodman, Riley Gordon, Nathan Richard Granberg, Nicholas Michael Gray, Kyle Grienke, Adam Richard Grosvenor, Cullen Mcglynn Hackett, Sierra Rhiannon Hardy, Jaden Hare, Dominick Harvey, Nicolas Hay, Tyler Evan Hayduk, Dilan Hayton-Lemieux, Mitchel Andrew Hiscox, Edward Lucas Hodder, Dwayne Hollmer, Graham James Holloway, Peter Alan Holme, Joonas Veli Samuli Honkala, Stephan Horeczko, Chi-Hoon Hwang, Kyle Jacobs, Scott John Jenkins, Gavin W Johnson, Frederick Clifford Keeash, Lennzi-May King, Micheal Henry King, Derek Michael Kraemer, Derek Michael Kraemer, Terry George Lambert, Justin Liban, Brenton Littledeer, Teddi-Lyn Marie Maddock, Alex Maille, Robert (Rj) Jackson Mallory, Alexander John Marshall, Amanda Christine Martin, Nicholas Alexander Martin, Christopher Dwayne Mckay, William Mckay, Gavin Leslie Taro Mcwatch, Kyle Megley, Dana Melkert, Kyle Mercier, Emill Bryan Millar, Gerald Jonathan Miller, Stephen Mitchall, Joseph (Joe) Justin Moloney, Jeremy Ross Monteith, Lance Mosburger, Brian Mulrooney, Rodney Munch, Desmond Munn, Duston Alexander Nicoll, Andy Joseph Osmond, Nolan Norman Hawk Parisian-Dubray, Vesna Pavlovic, Jeffrey Pierce, Lyle James Pinder, Edward James Pinkse, Joseph Poole, Denis Roger Poulin, Regan Leslie Prentice, Alexander Priggen, Cory Quennell, Mark Rabel, Leslie Reams, Michael Reid, Dalton Richmond, Juan Diego Rios Origgi, Shaun Rivers, Kevin Robert Robicheau, Piero Roppoli, Jason (Jay) Rourke, Parker Rueger, William (Bill) Russell, Bill Ryan, Nelson G Saldo, Brandon William Scherger, Jordan Lee Semenok, Trevor Sheasgreen, Kimberly Simmonds, Cristian Sinisterra, Kyle Skinkle, Curtis Sorochan, Felix Kevin Stacey, Dorwin Strang, Chris Supnet, Darya Sushkevich, Jason (Myles) Ryan Taylor, Nathan W.R. Taylor, Dany Thibeault, Jorden Thompson, Carlos Said Valdez Najar, Hunter Van Vlack, Peter Vassiliadis, Zachary Wray Vines, Jeremy Richard Voisin, Chris Wayne Weber, Craig Harold Weber, Mackenzie Weir, Jason Welke, Monica Wesley, Kelly John Eldon White, Tommy Hans Wickman, Matthew Wilson, Thomas Windrem, Kevin Withers, Yupeng (Tony) Ye, Sheldon Young, John Zadow, Yibing Zhang

  1. Financial Report: Update provided by Craig Batty. 


  1. Recruitment& Referral: Update provided by Matt Hurley.


  • All members dispatched have been staying steady at work. This is been positive to have long term employment. 


  1. Hiring Hall Dispatch Report: see report attached.


  1. IT System project and IT Infrastructure project Update: Report provided by John Wabb, and Joe Mulhall.


  • Biweekly meetings continue.
  • Everything is on track.
  • Craig will provide a financial report on the project at each NEB meeting.


  1. Officer Reports:
  2. President: John Wabb provided a report.
  3. Workplace Capacity Building continues. Workplace Representatives are working together and operating independently. 
  4. More exposure to day to day activities for Workplace Representatives would help train our members and broaden their capacity. 


  • First Vice President: Tom MacLean provided a report.


  • Workplace Development Representative: Pete Baird provided a report.


  1. SNA Report: Joe Mulhall provided report. 
  2. Sustainable Show Case event on Jan 30th, 2021.


  1. SNDI Report: No report provided. 


  1. CCU Report: Christmas Zoom get together was held.


  1. Convention Update: Date re-confirmation of Friday October 1st - Sunday October 3rd, 2021.


  1. CUSW-BC Report: Tom MacLean provided report. 


  • ASWA Report: Tom MacLean provided report.


  1.  Modernizing the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Act Engagement: Report provided by Tom MacLean and Jason MacDonald.


  • Canadian Immigration Project Update:
  • No skilled trades are on this list. 
  • Jason should continue to pursue this task of identify ways to get new skilled works into the country.


  1. New Business:


  1. Union Representative Wage Policy – Article 7.06 (viii).
    1. Policy is adopted and has gone into effect Jan 1st, 2021.


  1. Sable Falls Racing 2021 Sponsorship: 
    1. Motion: to approve Sponsorship package: $6750. M/S Geoff Denstedt and Croteau Kris Consensus. Action John Wabb share with Bruce unit. 


  1. Canadian Nuclear Association Membership:
    1. Motion: to approve (CNA) Membership renewal $5,932.50 M/S Tom MacLean, Kris Croteau NEB Consensus. 


  1. Sault College Sponsorship:
    1. Virtual Recognition scheduled on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Action John Wabb, to contact Pauline.


  1. Mid-Year Review of Strategic Initiatives:
    1. Location SNDI, March 25-27th 2021.


  1. Training Program:
    1. Knowledge worker concept.
    2. CUSW orientation with new members/ workplaces. 


  1. Values and Beliefs new member:
    1. Motion: to appoint, Jesse Smith –Thurston to committee. M/S Geoff Denstedt, Kris Croteau, NEB Consensus. 


  1. Sustainability Strategy:
    1. Motion: to refer to the National Communication Committee to develop a strategy to roll out, educate and collaborate with the members on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  M/S Kevin Forbes, Tom MacLean. NEB Consensus.
    2. Action Kevin Forbes to reach out to Mark Keyes.


  1. National Social committee budget:
    1. Motion: to approve budget for National social committee M/S Joe Mulhall, Geoff Denstedt. NEB Consensus.  


  1. Vacation and Sick Day Year-End Payout for Staff:
    1. Feedback required from Staff.


  1. CAF Membership renewal:
    1. Motion: to renew membership of $5650 M/S Geoff Denstedt and Craig Batty NEB Consensus.


  • Trust Agreement conversation:
    1. to be held on Monday Jan 18th, 2021, 7:00-8:00 PM. 


  1. Workplace Capacity Building Plan conversation:
    1. agenda for next meeting on Jan 25th, 2021. 


  • Industrial Democracy & Governance conversation:
    1. March mid-year strategy revied agenda item.



  1. Good of the Union:
    1. Bill Gilroy Recognition Update: A collaboration is needed to choose the best way to describe Bill, he stood for many things. Tom, and Joe to collaborate, and return with some ideas.


  1. We express our condolences to Donna Durdle and family over the loss of her Mother.


  1. The story of Patrick Law.??? 


  1. Motion to Adjourn1:56pm M/S Geoff Denstedt, Craig Batty.  consensus


Next Meetings

  • Friday February 5, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00


  • Friday April 2, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00


·      Friday March 5, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00


·      Friday May 7, 2021 – 8:00 til 4:00



  1. Meeting Opened: 7:00 pm


Officers Present: Kris Croteau, Kevin Forbes, Jason MacDonald, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb, Pete Baird.


Regrets: Craig Batty, Geoff Denstedt


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: consensus


New Business:


  1. EHRC 2020 Awards of Excellence


  • Motion: To purchase a Silver Sponsorship for the 2020 EHRC’s Awards of Excellence.  M/S Joe Mulhall, Kris Croteau consensus.


  1. AABO 2021 Conference


  • Action: The NEB reviewed the request from our partners, the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board and recommend the Education and Training Trust Fund Trustees consider sponsoring this event.


  1. Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council Membership


  • Motion: to purchase a CNIC Membership. M/S Joe Mulhall, Kris Croteau consensus


  1. Relationship with the Power Sector Benefit Trust and Power Sector Retirement Trust


  • The NEB reviewed the trust agreements and discussed the relationship between the parties of the trust.
  • Action: the NEB recommends the Trustees provide the Trustee preparation course at the appropriate time.



Next Meeting: Monday January 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm


Motion to Adjourn: 8:35 pm M/S Tom Maclean, Kris Croteau consensus



  1. Meeting Opened: 7:00 pm


Officers Present: Pete Baird, Geoff Denstedt, Kevin Forbes, Jason MacDonald, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb.


Regrets: Craig Batty, Kris Croteau


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: consensus


New Business:


  1. Bruce Power 2021 Charitable Events Sponsorship Packages


  • Motion: To purchase a Community Supporter Package for the 2021 Bruce Power Charity Sponsorship.  M/S Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt consensus.


  1. East West Tie Transmission Project Community Thank You Donation


  • Motion: To approve a $5000.00 donation to a number of community support organizations in the communities along the East West Tie Transmission project who have supported our Members during the challenges faced in the last numbers of months. M/S Kevin Forbes, Tom MacLean consensus.


  1. Workplace Capacity Building Plan and Steering Committee


  • The NEB reviewed the workplace capacity building strategy and objectives.
  • Action: the NEB will appoint a steering committee and establish terms of reference for the committee.



Next Meeting: Friday February 5, 2021 at 8:00 am


Motion to Adjourn: 8:05 pm M/S Tom Maclean, Kevin Forbes consensus.