Executive Board Minutes



  1. Meeting Opened: August 7th ,2020 8:00 am


Officers Present: Craig Batty, Geoff Denstedt, Kevin Forbes, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall, John Wabb, Pete Baird, Jason MacDonald.


Regrets: Kris Croteau


  1. Values& Beliefs Moment: opening paragraphs of the Judicial Policy (page 92) review.


  1. Previous Minutes: Motion to Approve July 10th, July 16th, and July 30th meetings M/S Geoff Denstedt, Craig Batty consensus


  1. Conference Call/Email: none


  1. Business arising from the Minutes: added to the agenda.


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: Motion to Approve. M/S Craig Batty, Geoff Denstedt consensus


  1. Unit Business:

a.     Alberta Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

b.     Atlantic Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

c.     Bruce Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

d.     Central Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

e.     Greater Durham Region Unit: Unit update provided by Janet Crowther. 

  • Newsletter for GDR has been released.
  • Unit nominations remain open. More participation is required.
  • Unit will distribute stickers through the workplace representatives. 
  • September 23rd Big Brothers/Sisters of Clarington golf tournament to be reviewed by GDR unit. Follow up to be provided to NEB. 

f.      Greater Vancouver Area Unit: Unit update provided by Tom.

g.     Kingston-Ottawa Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

h.     Niagara Falls-Hamilton Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

i.       Northern Unit: Unit update provided by Tyler Guidotti and Christine Meier.

  • Swag ordered for unit members.
  • Fishing derby still underway and working well. More participation is encouraged from other units.
  • Unit elections, to be held by electronic platform. Allan Wing is looking into a system.
  • Recruitment committee is being established and group is practicing interviews.
  • Social committee is also being developed.

j.       Sask Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

k.     South Western Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal

Notes: Friendly reminder Unit elections continue as outlined in the constitution.


  1. National Committee Business


a.     Apprenticeship Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

b.     Audit Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal

c.     Communications Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

d.     Constitution Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal. 

  1. Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Committee update was reviewed from portal.

f.      Negotiating Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal

g.     Growth and Opportunity Committee: Committee update was provided by Jason Macdonald.

  •  Rap up meeting held first week of August 2020, for preparation of hand off to new growth committee after nominees are selected.

h.     Political Action Committee: Committee update provided by Jason 

  •  Paper for modernization submitted to the Minister of Labour Minister McNaughton. It was received well, and is awaiting action. We are hoping for a follow up meeting, and look forward to promoting some of our recommendations. 
  •  Equal by 30. This is a commitment for equal pay, and opportunities for women in the clean energy sector. This aligns with our values and beliefs, and is a good opportunities for us to participate federally to have our voices heard. 

i.       Retiree’s Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

  •  Group is looking forward to going forward.
  •  Information package under development for future retirees. 

j.       Member and Family Support Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty

  •  A number of new request

k.     Social Committee: Committee update provided Linda Stella. 

  •  August 18th 2020 meeting for events in the remainder of the year
  •  Canada’s wonderland deposit has been rolled over to next year.

l.       Technology Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal.

m.   Training & Education Committee: Committee update provided Greg Padulo

  •  Committee has prepared documentation for next committee handoff.
  •  Action: Greg Padulo to inform committee they will need to complete a nomination form.

n.     Values and Beliefs Committee: Committee update provided by Angelia Dickenson.

  •  The Advocate training program continues engaging the participants.

o.     Membership Committee: Committee update was provided. 

Notes: Friendly reminder Committee nominations continue as outlined in the constitution.


Correspondence: See attached.


  1. Expenses:







Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson

General Matters & CUSW/Quanta & OE - Up to 30 Apr.'20



McParland, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 11 Jul.'20



Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 July 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 15 July 2020




Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 May & 10 June 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 09 July 2020/ NEB Meeting - 10 July 2020



Housser, Rob

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 14 June 2020



Seaver, Thomas A

NEB Elections Ballot Re-Count - 14 July 2020



Denison, Luke

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 Apr, 10 May & 10 June 2020



Gibbons, Allan

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 23 May & 23 June 2020



Possible Missions

WSIB/H&SW/Mentoring re 23 April 2020 to 20 July 2020



Recollet, Shawn A.

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 01 Mar. to 01 July 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties & Audit Prep - 20 July 2020



Kuntz, Dennis

NEB Election Ballot Count (26 June) & Recount (14 July)




July Expenses re Cell Phone - 10 Jul.'20 / Postage / Supplies



Bissonnette, Bobby M.

Cellular, iPad Charges & Phone Damage re Bill Date: 14 July 2020



Tanner Cardiff

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 21 Feb. to 21 July 2020



Smith, Michelle .

Recruitment Interviews via Zoom - 24 July 2020



Cook, Joseph

Subscriptions / Cellular & Internet Charges - June & July 2020



Mulgrew, Mark

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 July 2020



Baird, Peter

Mileage re July 15th & 21st, 2020 (489 kms)



Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson

Period Ending 31 May 2020




Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 09 July 2020



Rogers Wireless Inc

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 18 Jul.'20 (Tom MacLean)



Nahorney, Christopher

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 August 2020



Doyle, Jason John

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 03 July 2020



Hymers, Darren

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 July 2020



Brough, Kiefer

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 July 2020




Bruce Power Negotiating Meeting - 16 July 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 29 July 2020





Cheques for Approval: Kevin Forbes, Tom MacLean M/S. NEB Consensus.





  1. Reports:

a.     Members off Work: 

William Cooke, Jason McIntosh, Dan Plexman, Peter Rickards, Barry Albert.


b.     Members Receiving LTD Benefits:

Jeffrey R Andrew, Jonathan Babcock, Timothy Carroll, Mark Chantler, Matthew Childs, Darren Christie, Isaac Dautey, Megan Elarte, Barry Golfetto, David Harrigan, Rick Kluke, Steven Krysko, Roch Labelle, Douglas Vigus, Cory Zufelt, David A. Edgcumbe, Eric Elliott, Donald Mccormick, Bruce Merlin, Donald Nugent.


c.     We welcome the following new CUSW Members in July 2020:

Leonard D. Amos, Paul Andersen, Charlton Anderson, Jordan Anderson, River Anderson, Eric Appiah, Cobie Arends, Micheal (Mick) Atherton, Arthur Glen Baker, Timothy Ball, Randell Barkman, Phillip Jamie Barnes, Brett Beam, Xavier Bearman, Axel Beaulieu, John Bergthorson, Hosea Bighead, Kevin A Bil, Brendan Binguis, Matthew Binguis, Bradley Bishop, Scott Boam, Justin Bottle, Roberto Buganan, Terry Calvert, Camron Caouette, Jordan Carpenter, Shane David Gregory Carter, Robert L. Chambers, Alex Dwayne Chambers, Hunter Chartrand, Darrell Chaulk, Stephane Chiasson, Victoria Clark, Brady Clarke, Curtis Clow, Michael Coates, Kelson Sr Coffin, Daniel Constant, Thomas Cook, Johnathon Coombs, Iain Cooper, Jonathan Crant, Cory Dano, Jamison Davis, Patrick Delaney, Derek E. Duguay, William Dunn, Bradley James Eagle, Daniel Egden, Jonathan Fabian, Yohan Fauconnier-Payette, Clayton Aaron Favel, Martin Fiala, Scott A. Fiddler, James Findlay-Duff, Kevin Fizzard, Riley Funk, Seth Gauthier, Carl Genaille, Carmen Rachel Genaille, Tyler Genge, Nathan Gillingham, John Goertzen, Nathaniel Dennis Gordon-Carpenter, Joshua Grandy, Wayne Guest, Darrin Gulliver, Jason Halyk, Samantha Brooke Harvie, Cc Henderson, Byron Glen Hickey, David Patrick Hickey, Tyson Gerard Hodder, Grant Ryan Hofer, Randal James Hopkin, Tyler Hunt, Michael Hunt, Wayne Hynes, Brandon Hynes, Deacon Gerard Kevin Hynes, Gerald Jackman, Dori Jones, Pathikkumar Kachhia, Aaron Kakekayash, Jermaine Keats, Darrell Keeper, Darren Steven Keeper, Matthew Keesick, Dave Keeskitay, Idris Olalekan Kehinde, Max Mohammad Khalifa, Max Eric King, Jonathan Kingston, Erik Louis Knox, Dawson Kulak, Levi Kutash, Isaiah Lawson, Jack (John Paul) Leddy, Tyler Leonard, John David Louis Letandre, Philip Lethbridge, Mark Robert Lott, Michael Lundrigan, Trenton Luxton, Jacquelyn Victoria Macdonald, Ronald Machimity, Keith Macivor, Corey S Manuel, Simeon Martin, Preston Masik, Brandon Mayo, Cameron Mcdougall, Joseph Edward Mcgraw, Justyn Meekis, Clarence Mekanak, Bert Bernard Mekish, Jason Joseph Miller, Mike Mischke, Donald Mitchell, Patrick Mitchell, Keon Mouland, Arthur Chadwick Mouland, Frederick Mowat, Clayton Muckuck, Caelan Mulvaney, Grant Edward Ronald Murphy, David Andrew Nattress, Sheldon Necan, Robert Necan, Peter Sigurjon Iii Norman, Randy Noseworthy, Waylon Offenloch, Collins Ojiede, Franklin Oka-Wells, John O'keese, Jesse Olmstead, Shannon Oneschuk, Kyle Osbourne, Shane Parker, Robert Payne, Rory Peters, Dorley Adam Peters, Lindross Peters, Robert Phillips, Brady Pike, Brian Pittman, Kenneth Nelson Poirier, Joseph William Power, Brennon Quill, Thomas Rideout, Tyler Rochon, Francois Romain-Jacques, Adam James Phillip Ruff, James E. Ruff, Jeffrey (Jeff) Shaun Ruttan, Lucky Sainnawap, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Kyle Sawchuk, Reese Schmidt, Skylar Selk, Evan Dean Seymour, Matthew J Shepard, Jack Shepherd, Faron Shorting, Louis Simard, Chester Skunk, Shane Smith, Anthony Christopher Smith, Kelsey Smoke, Wayne Maxwell Squires, David Stevens, Tony St-Pierre, Martel Strang, Evan Suggashie, Catherine Swan-Bruce, Conrad Tait, Craig Taylor, Myron Thompson, Nicholaus Thompson, Patrick Thompson, William Trout, Peter Tsavdaris, Jason Viveiros, Tanner Thomas John Walker, Brendan Lee Walsh, Nathan Ward, Deven Warpula, Zachary Watson, Marvin Weaselhead, Cody Welsh, Bradley Wesley, Sean Whelan, Michael Wood, Stephen R. Wynn, Glenn Young.

d.     Dispatch Report: see attached


e.     Financial Report: provided by Craig Batty

  • to put $500,000 into a GIC that is accessible M/S Joe Mulhall, Craig Batty NEB Consensus.


f.      Recruitment and Referral Report: provided by Matt Hurley.

  • Mark Mulgrew working on recruiting with Central Unit and Northern Unit.
  • Powerline Technicians have been engaged to run their own recruitment committee.
  • Recruitment team meeting this morning looking for education guidelines for other trades.
  • New members have been dispatch on recent calls.


g.     Training & Education Report: report provided by John Wabb


h.     Office Update: Report provided by John Wabb and group discussion held. Group supports the status quo of office staff working from home or the office.


i.       Convention Update – Convention Committee August 14: Three members have shown interest in joining the committee. April 29-May 2nd 2021 are now booked for the convention. We need to confirm the amount of rooms that we will require with the venue coordinator. 


j.       National Committee Update – Nominations August 21. A number of members have shown interest however we will still need some additional nominations.


k.     Hiring Hall Dispatch Report: Reviewed by NEB.


l.       Vice President report: Tom MacLean provided a report on activities.

New Business:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington Charity Golf Tournament: To be recommended to the GDR unit. Proposal to send 4 members and sponsor a hole with a cost of $1200. No lost wages to be paid. Action: John Wabb to reach out to GDR unit. 


  1. Establish Alberta Unit: Motion to change the BC Alberta Unit name to the Alberta Unit. M/S Joe Mulhall, Tom MacLean.  NEB Consensus. NEB to oversee these activities unit the unit is functioning. Following article 10.06 in constitution. 


  1. Office Update: IT system update recommendation presented to NEB, and to the Trust to get their thoughts on it. 


  1. Transition Plan – President Duties: Report shared with NEB, Provided by John Wabb, and Geoff Denstedt. 


  1. Transition - Roles & Responsibilities (Flip Chart Guide) Motion: to develop a Capacity Building Steering Committee to focus on the development of the Workplace. Committee to report back to the Nation Executive Board. M/S Tom Mclean, Craig Batty. NEB Consensus.


  1. Appoint National Committee Mentors:


  • Apprenticeship Committee: Geoff Denstedt
  • Audit Committee: Craig Batty 
  • Communications Committee: Kevin Forbes 
  • Constitution Committee: Geoff Denstedt 
  • Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Joe Mulhall 
  • Negotiating Committee: Joe Mulhall, and Kevin Forbes 
  • Growth and Opportunity Committee: Tom MacLean 
  • Political Action Committee: Jason MacDonald 
  • Retiree’s Committee: Joe Mulhall. 
  • Member and Family Support Committee: Craig Batty 
  • Social Committee: Kris Croteau 
  • Technology Committee: Kris Croteau 
  • Training & Education Committee: John Wabb 
  • Values and Beliefs Committee: Craig Batty
  •  Membership committee: Pete Baird.


  1. Nuclear sub committee: Tom MacLean to mentor this committee. Motion: to provide committee with a starting budget of $25000 and let committee forward future recommendations to the NEB. M/S Geoff Denstedt and Tom MacLean 


  1. President reports: Tom MacLean provided a report on month to month activities.


  1. Growth and opportunity budget increase. Board agreed to increase to a high amount supported by motion in previous meeting prior to pandemic. $75000 is new set limit. 



Motion to Adjourn: August 7th, 2020 1:43 PM  M/S Tom MacLean Geoff Denstedt, NEB consensus.  


Next Meetings

  • Tuesday August 11 – 7:00 til 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday August 18 – 7:00 til 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday August 25 – 7:00 til 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday September 1 – 7:00 til 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday September 9 – 8:00 til 4:00
  • Thursday September 10 – 8:00 til 4:00
  • Friday September 11 – 8:00 til 4:00
  • Saturday September 12 – 8:00 til 12:00