Executive Board Minutes




National Executive Board Meeting

April 3rd, 2020 via Conference Call

April 17th, 2020 via Zoom Meeting


1.          Meeting Opened: April 3rd, 2020 8:00 am


Officers Present: Kevin Forbes, Don Mayer, Steve Gilroy, John Wabb, Kris Croteau, Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt, Joe Mulhall.


Regrets: Craig Batty


2.          Meeting Opened: April 17th, 20208:37 am


Officers Present: Kevin Forbes, Don Mayer, Steve Gilroy, John Wabb, Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt, Joe Mulhall, Craig Batty


Regrets: Kris Croteau


3.          Values& Beliefs Moment: Code of Conduct reviewed from the Constitution.


4.          Values& Beliefs Moment: Page 82-83 of the Equality Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment from the Constitution.


5.          Previous Minutes: Approved. M/S Don Mayer, Craig Batty consensus.


6.          Conference Call/ Email:


7.          Business arising from the Minutes: Motion: To approve sponsorship for Energy Round Table of $11,990.00 for the events in Calgary and Toronto. The dates have changed to October 8th, 2020 and November 19th, 2020. The London event is not included in this motion and will be brought forward when it is re-scheduled.  M/S Don Mayer, Craig Batty consensus.


8.          Meeting Agenda Items: Approved M/S Craig Batty, Don Mayer consensus


9.          Unit Business:

a.     Atlantic Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean

b.     Bruce Unit: Unit update provided by prepare by Christine Cover presented by Geoff Denstedt.

·       April 15th, 2020 a unit meeting was held, with 6 in attendance, with no committee reports.

·       Budget will be submitted May 1st.

·       Recommendation for Units to share Zoom accounts.

·       Bruce Unit Golf Tournament postponed unit further notice.

c.     BC/Alberta Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean

d.     Central Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

e.     Greater Durham Region Unit: Unit update provided by Janet Crowther and Kyle Davey.

·       Executive Committee held a successful Zoom in the past week.

·       Joe Cook is going to send an E-blast to GDR members for a general meeting in May.

·       The Christmas party has been booked for November 21st, 2020 at Ajax Convention Centre.

f.      Kingston-Ottawa Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

g.     Niagara Falls-Hamilton Unit: Unit update provided by Kevin Forbes.

·       Hydro One Workplace meeting conference calls have been held collectively between Hamilton Niagara zone, and Southwestern zone. Calls have been condensed to Stewards, H/S reps and crew supervisors. Crew Supervisors are sharing concerns from crew members, and providing feedback from the advice of both Stewards and H/S reps.

h.     Northern Unit: Unit update provided by Tyler Guidotti and Christine Meier.

·       General meetings have been held, with only Hydro One members joining in. The unit has been working hard at getting other members to join meetings.

·       A Face book page has been setup for Unit.

·       First year apprentices are struggling. Can the union contributions be covered a different way? NEB recommendation: Possibly to use the Aston Tuck Fund to help people in hardship.

·       Unit Recorder has recently stepped down. NEB recommendation. Recorder is an important role. As long as the Unit executive has quorum, and they can delegate a member to record. The unit can run status quo until September elections. If unit Executive wants to find an additional member they can do so. NEB is available for assistance.

i.       Sask Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

j.       South Western Unit: Unit update See Hamilton and Niagara. Joint meetings have been held biweekly.

k.     Notes:


10.       National Committee Business


a.     Apprenticeship Committee: Committee update provided by Don Mayer. Committee is not functioning.

b.     Audit Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty.

c.     Communications Committee: Committee update provided Kevin Forbes.

·       Concern brought forward concerning aligning RRSP investments with funds expected to higher success opportunities given the current Covid-19 pandemic.

·       Recommendation from Joe Mulhall to have the PSRT setup an E-blast. PSRT to ask Sonny Goldstein to provide recommendations concerning RRSP investments. Action: Joe Mulhall to setup conversation with unit chairs to disseminate information to membership. 

d.     Constitution Committee: Committee update provided by Mark Gallant, Geoff Denstedt to provide written report.

e.     Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Committee update was reviewed from Portal.

f.      Negotiating Committee: Committee update provided by Steve Gilroy.

·       Zoom meetings are being held, face to face meetings/training on hold.

·       Collective agreement Calendar needs to be updated. 

g.     Growth and Opportunity Committee: Committee update was provided by Jason MacDonald

·       Working on setting up books for a seamless handover for next terms committee members.

h.     Political Action Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald

·       Committee continues to monitor government.

·       Federal government Emergency Wage Subsidy. This is not cut and dry. But committee continues to see if CUSW is entitled to funds.

·       Modernization for skilled trades and apprenticeship paper on hold currently. But it will be continued to proceed with the current times.

i.       Retiree’s Committee: Committee update provided by Joe Mulhall.

·       Zoom luncheon - bring your own lunch and have a social get together to see each other and chat. This will be happening April 21st at 12:00 noon.

j.       Member and Family Support Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty, nothing to report.

k.     Social Committee: Committee update provided Linda Stella:

·       Meeting being held next week.

·       All current events being reviewed at next week’s meeting.

·       Face book page is having great success 325 new members.

·       Wonderland said they will transfer deposit for an alternate date due to COVID-19.

·       2019 social committee account has been shut down

l.       Technology Committee: Committee update reviewed from porthole.

m.   Training & Education Committee: Committee update provided Greg Padulo.

·       Last meeting was at Oshawa round table.

·       Posting small videos of skilled workers performing work on the job.

·       Committee has been in a brief hold while adapting to COVID-19.

·       Meeting to be held online on Wednesday April 22nd.

n.     Values and Beliefs Committee: Committee update reviewed from porthole.

· Article 2,1 is on standby due to COVID-19.

o.     Membership Committee: Committee update was provided

p.     Notes:


11.       Correspondence: See attached


12.       Expenses:








Degagne, Martin J.

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 27 Feb.'20




Guindon, Chad

Parking Printer Cartridges - 25 Feb & 07 Mar.'2020



Guindon, Chad

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 13 Feb 2020



Guindon, Chad

Microsoft Office 365 / Norton Security for Union Laptop



Dance, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 Feb. 2020




Expenses from 01 to 20 March 2020



Hurley, Matthew

Expenses (Mileage) from 05 Mar. to 08 Mar 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 03 March 2020



Nahorney, Christopher

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 March 2020



MacLean, Thomas R

Canada/UK Nuclear Energy Summit - 01 to 06 Mar.'20



McParland, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 11 Mar.'20



McDowall, Ryan

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 February 2020




National Training & Education Committee Meeting - 12 March



Guindon, Chad .

Expenses from 08 March to 12 March 2020



Baird, Peter B.

Expenses from 03-04 March 2020



Hurley, Matthew

Mileage re 09 to 13 March 2020




Expenses from 01 to 05 March 2020




Job Fair Preparation - 04 Mar.'20



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 10 March 2020 (8 hours)



Batty, Craig E.

NEB Meeting - 06 & 13 Mar.'20



MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from 11 to 15 February 2020



Deck, Paul

NTEC Meeting at SNDI Office - 11 March 2020



MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from March 14 to 20, 2020



McDowall, Ryan

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Mar 2020



Howatt, Lindsay

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 13 Dec. 2019 to 13 Mar. 2020



Doyle, Jason John

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 03 Mar.2020



Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 March 2020



polegato, matt

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: Aug. 2018 to January 2020




Office Supplies - 18 March 2020



Hurley, Matthew

Expenses re 16 March 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties / Strategy Prep - 16 to 20 March



Mayer, Donald

Strategy Meeting - 25 to 27 March 2020



Batty, Craig E.

Strategy Meeting from 25 to 27 March 2020



Baird, Peter B.

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 24 Mar.'20




Expenses from March 9th to 12th, 2020



Mulgrew, Mark

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 30 Mar.'20






Cheques for Approval: Motion to Approve M/S. Kevin Forbes Don Mayer consensus.



13.       Reports:

a.    Members off Work: William Cooke, Jason McIntosh, Dan Plexman, Peter Rickards, Barry Albert.

b.     Members Receiving LTD Benefits:Jeffrey R. Andrew, Timothy Carroll, Darren Christie, Isaac Dautey, Megan Elarte, Barry Golfetto, David Harrigan, Rick Kluke, Steven Krysko, Roch Labelle, Richard Piche, Ming Shen, Douglas Vigus, Cory Zufelt, David A. Edgcumbe, Eric Elliott, Donald Mccormick, Bruce Merlin, Donald Nugent.

c.     We welcome the following new Members: Kirk Santala, Emily Miranda Boyce, Burt Bobby, Ryan Fratto, Joshua Reynold Roundhead, Amber Neiffer, Fred Both, Chris Willoughby, Kenneth Andrew MacGregor, Jacob Dylan Courtorielle, Dryden James Bezovie, Graham Saunders, Stephan Sopha, Tyler Armstrong, Matthew Poop, Cory Cronin, Andrew Kiely, Dustin Robert Rau, Tim Taggart, Joe Hofer, Marcus Ellis, Jack John Price Jones, Mitchell Rushlow, Kurtis Joseph Rechik, Michael Brown, Tyson Woodhouse, Justin Clifton Legge, Daniel Brosseau, Devin Emberton, Chris Vickers, Alexander Murray, Matthew Abbott, Tristan Argue, Matthew Barbeau, Craig Canal, Joe O’Donnell, Michael Ward, June Burke, Todd Kirkbride, Rosemary Attard.

d.     Dispatch Report: See attached

e.     Financial Report: Provided by Craig Batty and Purvi Desai.

f.      Recruitment and Referral: no report

g.     Participation Roundtables: no report

h.     SNDI Report: Report Provided by Craig Batty.

·       Action: Craig Batty to provide report showing full amount of debt owing. This must include GIC, HST debt, and personal debt owed to Craig Batty. Report to be shared with Kevin Forbes and Kris Croteau prior to calling meeting with entire NEB for further discussion.


i.      Negotiation report: none


j.      Workplace Development:

COVID-19: John Wabb and Joe Cook have done an excellent job on keeping the membership up to date through E-Blast communications. Our partners are trying their best to keep people as close to home as possible and doing screen test to provide the most safety surrounding COVID-19.All our partners are having daily and weekly calls/ newsletters shared with employees. John Wabb and Joe Cooke will continue to update membership.


14.       New Business:

a.     Growth & Business Development: report provided by Tom MacLean.


b.     COVID-19 Update: Geoff Denstedt provided government update. Joe Mulhall staying on top of upcoming government stimulus packages. 


c.     Confederation of Canadian Unions Executive Board: CCU Meeting to be pushed out into the fall of this year. The CCU constitution says a minimum of 2 annual meetings need to be held.


d.     Election Board: An Election Board will be appointed when nominations are closed. All nominations for National Executive Board positions must be submitted on April 29th 2020.


e.     Eighth Convention of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers: The Kingston-Ottawa Unit and Bruce Unit have expressed an interest in hosting the Convention in 2021. Action: Geoff Denstedt to talk with both units about proposals.


f.      CCU – per Capita: Received a letter from the CCU foregoing per capita payments for April & May 2020


g.     MaRS Cleantech Summit: Original event date: June 8, 2020. The conference is now planned to take place in the first week of November 2020.


h.     2020 Canadian Apprenticeship Forum Conference: Original event date: May 24-26, 2020 is being postponed to a future date that has not yet been determined.


i.       Unit and Committee Transitional: Units and Committees are asked to prepare for the upcoming transition after our nominations, elections and appointments. This will be a topic of conversations during the next committee day zoom room meeting.


j.       Union Contribution Communication: Geoff Denstedt to distribute next week with Joe Cook.


k.     Unit Chairs and NEB Joint Meeting: A meeting will be held to advocate the need to conduct  Unit meetings with Member using the Zoom platform. Action: Geoff Denstedt to reach out to Chairs and Vice chairs, and setup a Zoom meeting Wednesday April 8th.


l.       Interim Budget Responding to COVID 19: Motion: The NEB will take whatever action that is required to ensure monies that are available for us are used to operate the day to day activities of CUSW and support members of CUSW through the COVID 19 crisis. The NEB will temporarily suspend future budget funding and expenses associated with NEB, Unit and National Committee business. Further to that the NEB will temporarily suspend employment of elected officers, representatives and non-essential consultants to reduce costs during the crisis. The only exception to this is essential Office Staff functions and Recruiting and Referral where continued operations is required. M/S Don Mayer, Craig Batty.


m.   Bruce Community Hand Sanitizer Sponsorship Request: Motion: to donate $2500 to the sponsorship made payable to Bruce Unit. Bruce Unit to submit cheque to respective community organizations. M/S Don Mayer, Craig Batty consensus


n.     CCU Movie Night for April 18th 2020: Linda Stella to share this with the Social Committee.



Motion to Adjourn: April 3rd 2020 10:04 AM M/S Kevin Forbes John Wabb

Motion to Adjourn: April 17th 2020 1:00 PMM/S John Wabb, Kevin Forbes.


Next Meeting: Friday May 1st, 2020 via Zoom Meeting/Conference Call

                        Friday May 8th, 2020 via Zoom Meeting