Executive Board Minutes




National Executive Board Meeting

January 3rd& 10th, 2020


  1. MeetingOpened: Jan 3rd, 2020 9:05am


Officers Present: Geoff Denstedt, Craig Batty, Kevin Forbes, Kris Croteau, Don Mayer, John Wabb, Tom MacLean.


Regrets: Steve Gilroy, Joe Mulhall.


  1. MeetingOpened: Jan 10th, 2020 8:47am


Officers Present: Geoff Denstedt, Craig Batty, Kevin Forbes, Kris Croteau, Don Mayer, John Wabb, Tom MacLean, Joe Mulhall.


Regrets: Steve Gilroy.


  1. Values& Beliefs Moment:Pg. 73, and 74 of constitution human rights policy reviewed.


  1. Values& Beliefs Moment: Pg. 80 equality/gender discrimination and sexual harassment policy. 


  1. Previous Minutes:Approved. M/S Kris Croteau and Don Mayer consensus


  1. Conference Call/ Email:None


  1. Business arising from the Minutes:Ian Fellows will be joining the board on Friday March the 13th, 2020.


  1. Meeting Agenda Items: Approved M/S Kris Croteau, Don Mayer consensus


  1. Unit Business:

a.     Atlantic Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean. 

b.     Bruce Unit: Unit update provided by unit chair Chris Cover.

  • The Walkerton Christmas party was held and a good time was had. 
  • On Jan 15th, 2020 Tom MacLean is scheduled to visit the unit to give NEB update.
  • Unit would like to recommend office policy for email auto response for absence and vacations. 

c.     BC/Alberta Unit: Unit update provided by Tom MacLean. General meeting to be held this month to discuss elections.

d.     Central Unit: Unit update provided by Unit Chair Dale Harrison.

e.     Greater Durham Region Unit: Unit update provided by Jeff Gagne. 

  • July 18th, 2020 GDR golf tournament
  • Toronto Zoo Christmas Party was held approximately 100 people attended. The unit also arranged to have Santa stop by to meet the children.
  • Apprenticeship orientation on January 25th, 2020. Recommendation for promotions committee. Unit is preparing for elections. 

f.     Kingston-Ottawa Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

g.     Niagara Falls-Hamilton Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

h.     Northern Unit:Unit update provided by Brian Pineo and Allan Wing:

  • Letter for committee participation is being developed.
  • Unit had a Christmas party that was held in Sudbury.
  •  Allan Wing and Chris Godda looking to get a seat at the Confederation College. 
  • Thunder Bay apprentice orientation being organized.
  • Go Fund Me for CUSW member Cory Meier for a long-term illness.
  • A recommendation as been brought forward from the unit about splitting the unit into two. The NEB agrees with this recommendation.

i.      Sask Unit: Unit update reviewed from portal.

j.      South Western Unit: Unit update provided by Jason Baptista.

  • Ongoing campaign to increase our presence in the local Qualifiers of the Ontario skills competition and reaching out to all the OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) coordinators in our area of reasonability.
  • Currently Unit Executive of two members Jason Baptista, and Jason Wakem as treasurer.
  • Only the Recruitment and Referral Committee is fully functional at the moment.
  • The R&R Committee Has had great success being chaired by Conrad Aitcheson and are working on integrating our new member orientation, Interviews and apprentice orientation all in the same day so as to economize the processes. 


  1. National Committee Business


a.     Apprenticeship Committee: Committee update provided by Don Mayer. Action Don Mayer to reach out to committee

b.     Audit Committee: Committee update provided by Craig Batty. Meeting being held in two weeks. 

c.     Communications Committee:Committee update provided Kevin Forbes.

d.     Constitution Committee: Committee update provided by Geoff Denstedt. Looking to start a face to face meeting in the next few weeks, and they will be working on a budget.

e.     Health, Safety & Wellness Committee: Committee update was provided by John Wabb.

  • You tube channel videos have been posted from the annual health and safety conference. These should be used in different area such as apprenticeship orientation. 

f.     Negotiating Committee: Committee update reviewed from portal. GDR unit went through the pilot negotiating training, and it was well received. 

g.     Growth and Opportunity Committee:Committee update was provided by Tom MacLean. 

h.     Political Action Committee: Committee update provided by Jason MacDonald.

  • Prime Initiative surrounding our upcoming consultations with the Ontario Government around the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Act. We have gathered some experts that we will be meeting with next week to support moving forward with our paper and other aspects surrounding this very important initiative.

i.      Retiree’s Committee:Committee update provided by Archie Wallace and communicated by Joe Mulhall.

  • A Christmas get together was held with good attendance.
  • Jan 21st, 2020 at the Copper Works in Newcastle is the next social get-together. 
  • Committee is working on reaching out to more retirees in other areas to expand the size of the group.

j.      Member and Family Support Committee:Committee update provided by Craig Batty.

k.    Social Committee: Committee update provided by Linda Stella. 

  • The budget has been submitted and approved. 
  • Working on getting more unit engagement on social calendar. 
  • February 16th, 2020 ice fishing tournament. 
  • Summer fishing derby June 27th-28th. 
  • Currently the hockey tournament is being organized. 
  • Canada’s Wonderland CUSW day to be held on July 11, 2020.
  • Reaching out to units for ideas on future family day party similar to the Cedar Park summer family party held in 2019.
  • Recommendation for a Family day barbeque allowance of $200 
  • Action: Social committee to ask about 20thanniversary videos, and when they will be completed. 

l.      Technology Committee:Committee update was provided by Geoff Denstedt.

m.   Training & Education Committee:Committee update was provided by Greg Padulo.

  • New members of the committee have been brought up to speed on operating guidelines.

This was received positively from the new members. 

  • Indigenous training document to be shared at committee day. 
  • Builders for climate action Trent University, more information to come. 
  • Motion: To discuss NTEC update documents in regards to budget. M/S Don Mayer Kris Croteau. Further discussion is required. After follow up conversation with Greg Padulo from NTEC the budget is approved with NEB Consensus. 


n.     Values and Beliefs Committee: Committee update was provided by Craig Batty. Budget is still required. 

o.     Membership Committee: Committee update was provided.

  • A Budget was submitted. Motion to accept Membership Committee budget, M/S Don Mayer and Kris Croteau. Consensus
  • Recommendation has been sent out for NEB approval for interview process/questions.  


Correspondence: See attached. 


  1. Expenses:





Forbes, Kevin

CCU Winnipeg Labour School & Board Meeting - 21 to 23 Jun.'19


Forbes, Kevin

NEB Strategy Meeting - 17 to 20 Sept.'19


Housser, Rob

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 14 Nov.'19


McParland, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 11 Dec.'19


Denison, Luke

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 10 July to 10 Nov.'19


MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from 09 to 13 Dec.'19


Baird, Peter B.

Expenses from 09 to 15 Dec.'19


MacDonald, Jason

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 27 Oct. & 27 Nov.'19


Hurley, Matthew

Expenses from 03, 05 & 10 Dec.'19 / Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 17 Nov.'19


Neil, Jason

Expenses from 10 & 15 Dec.'19


Quan, Cody J.

Expenses from 02 to 05 Dec.'19 (Mileage) / 09 to 13 Dec.'19


Wabb, R. John

Officer Expenses re September 2019


Wabb, R. John

Officer Expenses re October 2019


Denstedt, Geoff

Monthly Expenses from 04 Nov. to 01 Dec.'19


Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 10 Dec.'19


Batty, Craig E.

NEB Meeting - 13 Dec.'19


McGowan, Jeff

Bargaining Meeting @ SNDI Office - 09 Dec.'19


Eddy, Dennis

Bargaining Meeting @SNDI Office - 09 Dec.'19


Bingley, Adam

HS&W Conference & 20th Anniversary (Mileage, Parking, Food & Hotel Charges) - 31st Oct. to 02 No...


Wallace, Archibald N

Retirees Meeting and Christmas Luncheon - 12 Dec.'19


Reid, David

Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 27 Dec.'18 to 27 Nov.'19


Heyes, Scott

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Dec.'19


Hurley, Matthew

Expenses from 16 & 17 Dec.'19


Neil, Jason

Expenses from 16 & 17 Dec.'19 / Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 14 Dec.'19


Baird, Peter

Expenses from 18 to 21 Dec.'19


MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from 16 to 20 Dec.'19


Batty, Craig .

Treasurer Duties re 16 to 20 Dec.'19


Edwards, Cameron T.

Bargaining Meeting on 09 Dec.'19


McGowan, Jeff

Labour Board Hearing - 19 Dec.'19


Young, Matthew A.

CCU Convention - 07 Oct.'19


Degagne, Martin J.

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 27 Dec.'19


Batty, Craig E.

Treasurer Duties - 23 December 2019


MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from 23 to 24 December 2019


Bobby Bissonnette

Cellular / iPad Charges - Bill Date: 14 Dec.'19



Cellular Charges re Bill Dates: 12 Sept. to 12 Dec.'19


McMahon, Shawn

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 17 Dec.'19



Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 20 Dec.'19


Dance, Brian

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 10 December 2019


Bajurny, Thomas.

OLRB Hearing - 19 Dec.'19


Nahorney, Christopher

Cellular Charges re Bill Date: 01 Jan.'20


MacLean, Thomas R

Expenses from 28 Dec. to 03 Jan, 2020


Baird, Peter B.

Expenses - 06 Jan.'20 / Cellular Charges - Bill Date: 24 Dec.'19


Wabb, R. John

November 2019 Expenses


Wabb, R. John

December 2019 Expenses





Cheques for Approval: M/S Kris, Don Mayer consensus. 


  1. Reports:

a.     Members off Work: William Cooke, Jason McIntosh, Dan Plexman, Peter Rickards,Barry Albert, Cory Meier.

b.     Members Receiving LTD Benefits: Jeffrey R. Andrew, Timothy Carroll, Mark Chantler, Darren Christie, Isaac Dautey, Megan Elarte, David Harrigan, William Howley, Rick Kluke, Steven Krysko, Roch Labelle, Richard Piche, Douglas Vigus, David A. Edgcumbe, Eric Elliott, Donald Mccormick, Bruce Merlin, Donald Nugent.

c.    We welcome the following new Members:Karly Meness, Aaron Visitor, Mitchell Mouland, Jonathan Edward Legge, James Ashton, Terry W J Gray, Richard Howe, Doug Nicol, Carter Nadorozny, Evan Proctor, Brian Gerard Fitzgerald, Kerry W Zimmerman, Fernando Dacosta, Patrick D. Plummer, Cheryl Kim Elsie Eirickson, Scott E Kinkead, Jonathon C. Wawia, Gabriel Oskaboose-Eccleston, Jonathan Mamakeesick, Norman Renaud, Philippe (Phil) Couture, Justin Peter Andrew Schmerk, Joshua Christopher Beaucage, David Michano, Jonathan Laroche, David Thomas Wood, Bryan Binda, Cody Vincent Lawrenc Desmoulin-Bell, Gary Garner, Anthony Begg, Drew Desmoulin, Louis L. Lofranco, Kyle Mcgraw, Aaron Madden, Darryl Jones, Richard Hare, Jeremy Sgambelluri, Drew Bish, Jeffrey D Hanna, Rene C Murio, Joshua Eric Hogue, Terrance Bananish, Patrick Bananish, Quentin House, Joshua Luff, Paul G. Morriseau, Henry Belmore, Ryan Ray, Thomas Eugene Walters, David Lachance, James A. Kalegaric, Quentin Deisman, Austin Good Striker, Dustin Fehr, Donavin Courchene, Harold Letendre, Daniel Shaquille Mcgillivary, Chris Barnes-Odawa, Franklin Potan, Mervin K Spence, David Benson, Darren H Paul, Jordin Flynn, Kirk Moore, Alain Gould, Ira Stagg, Brendan Mcquade, Rodney Fisher, Alfred Shlachetka, Clara Isabelle Bignell, Justin James Mcguire, Geordie Peter Dumonski, Cheyenne Kitchikake, Darnell Koosees, Noah Conway, George Shorting, Donny Desjarlais, Oliver Bignell, Bert Richard, Joel Kolbuc, Keith Douglas Hillier, Glen Little, Terrence L Clarke, John K Myles, Dylan Berlingeri, Brandon Portelance, Scott Randy Randa, Roger Nawagijick, Timothy Andrew Solomon, Joshua Ryan, Enrique Manuel Marti Morales, Paul Reimer, Patrick Bemister, Jamie Mitchell, Bryan Spence, Josh Kirton, Mackenzie Cole Kirton, Gregory Mark Chatman, Ward Glen Bolt, Phoenix Brian Holmes-Ostroski, Brodie Dooley, Cory Sturge, Dustin Cornelius Blanchard, Robert Boyd Tremblett, Jaroslaw Pietka, Pierre Martin Lelievre, Stephane Gagne, Patrice Lalancette, Christian Fournier, Mitchell Grigor, Raphael Foster, Simon Wong, Keith Ferris, Raymond Hill, Nicholas Gerard Dampier, Chelsea Collins, Bradley Alan Tomlinson, Kyle Lawson, Rogelio Ramos Galeana, Brandon. R. Fontaine, David Edward Maxwell, Robert Miller, Michael Lake, Robert Patrick Plummer, Colette Tuck, Garrett Mason, Sean Cameron Love, Mesfin Badeg, Kevin Bruton, George Stark, Liming (Kevin) Wan, Steve Collier, Darren Albert Hanslip, Donald Roger Juniper, Brandon Anderson, Jonas Mallett, Jackson Haber, Daryl Wells, Jamie Kennedy, Richard Peckford, Ryan Moses, Eli Wawia, Scott Gerald Byrne, Tyson Adrian Lina, Eric Fast, Trevor Hopkins, Jeremy Caron, Dane Johnstone, Cole Henricks- Becker, Tyler Ross, Tanner Bastien, Shoumeng Cao, Brent Keogh, David Frost, John Martin O'connell, Montgomery Blair Mcintyre, Skye Hunter Brown, Pierce Mccarthy, Coleman Gerard Cadigan, Augustus Lilly, Matthew Alzner, Jason Migneault. 

AFIL: Timothy Fitter.

d.     Dispatch Report: 

e.     Financial Report:Quarterly review in Feb 2020 meetings.

f.     Confederation of Canadian Unions Report: CCU E-Board in Halifax January 18-19, Action Geoff Denstedt to contact CCU for clarification on Regional Vice Role regarding job descriptions and responsibilities. Craig and Kris to share with the CCU the Canadian Union of Skilled workers motion on Remembrance Day.

g.     SNDI: Report reviewed.

h.     Participation Roundtable: Round tables Tiverton Jan 8th, 2020 and Barrie Jan 15th, 2020.Reschedule of Tiverton event due to inclement weather.

13. NewBusiness:


  1. Election/Roles discussion dates: January 13-14, 2020 at Holiday Inn Toronto. Action Geoff Denstedt to request a written report from Matt Hurley/ Jason Neil, Pete Baird, Jason Macdonald, Kris Stevens, Greg Padulo, Ania Kohinski, and Harold Bartlett, on their positions so we can adjust support as needed. We will also have a discussion about our legal resources. 


  1. Andrew Gresel: A thank you letter received from Andrew Gresel of Sauble Falls Racing.


  1. The Empire Club of Canada Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development.Motion to send Tom MacLean, Geoff Denstedt and Jason Macdonald on Wednesday January 15th, 2020 at 12:00pm toMarriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. M/S Craig Batty and Don Mayer. NEB Consensus.


  1. Ontario Energy Network Peter Gregg, President and CEO of IESO. Motion to have two attendees on January 24th, 2020 at Fairmount Royal York Hotel. M/S Kevin Forbes, Craig Batty. Kevin Forbes and Geoff Denstedt to attend. 


  1. VPI Working Solutions Careers in the Trades. Motion to send two members to attend south Hampton event with lost wages and expenses at 2 events in March 2020. Don Mayer and Kris Croteau. Action Geoff Denstedt to share with unit.


  1. Committee day: Jan 17th, 2020 at the Holiday Inn, Trustees are invited to attend.


  1. Sault College Scholarship Bursary Award Ceremony: Motion for expenses to be paid for one person to attend on Tuesday March 24th, 2020.  M/S Kris Croteau and Don Mayer. NEB Consensus


  1. Workplace Stewards' Certificate Program: To be presented to NTEC, and trust. 


  1. Bruce Power Vendor Safety Commitment Charter: Action John Wabb to tell Bruce power know that we support their recommendation.


  1. CNIC/ ONAC: Motion to have the Nuclear Sub Committee and Political action Committee activity participate with ONCA and to be given $2500 to do so. M/S John Wabb, Kris Croteau NEB consensus. 



Motion to Adjourn: 1:17 PM M/S Craig Batty, Kris Croteau consensus


Next Meeting: Jan 31st, 2020 Zoom meeting, Feb 7th, 2020 face to face meeting.